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SorgerTec is one of the oldest medium-sized Berlin real estate service providers. Since 1913 the family owned business provides expert commercial and technical expertise in the management and administration of apartment buildings, homeowners' associations and commercial real estate of private property owners in the area of Berlin/Brandenburg. Small teams of competent and result-oriented advisors attend to the real property of our clients, working in partnership with each client so as to assure the protection of value against inflation and to further develop these valuable assets. Each SorgerTec employee works toward this goal, with commitment and enthusiasm for this creative and multifaceted task. "
                                                                            Daniel Rott

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SorgerTec Hausverwaltung AG
Hauptstr. 92 - 93
12159 Berlin

phone: +49 30 880 92 200
fax:     +49 30 880 92 201
e-mail: info(at)sorgertec.de